RG 3-01 'Multilingual Speech Recognition'

About Us

Research Group (RG) 3-01 "Multilinguale Speech Recognition" has been created within the Concept of the Future of KIT as part of the Excellence Initiative.


The research group (RG) is associated with the chair of Professor Waibel at the Institute for Anthropomatics at the faculty of informatics.

The RG aims to support the international center for advanced communication technologies (interACT) in the development of its automatic translation sytem for lectures and talks. The task of the RG is to improve the automatic speech recognition (ASR) component of the translation system. The overall goal is to advance the ASR component within two years, to make it possible to deploy the lecture translation system in the lecture halls of KIT within three years.


  • Performance improvement of the ASR component of the lecture translation system
  • Autonomous adaptation to the lecture and the topic of a specific lecture
  • Evolution of the ASR component to a rich transcription (RT) component