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Dr. Sebastian Stüker
RG 3-01 'Multilingual Speech Recognition'
Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Stüker
Institute for Anthropomatics

Geb.50.20, Room 231
Adenauerring 2
D-76133 Karlsruhe

Tel.: +49 721 608 46284
Fax: +49 721 607 721
E-Mail: sebastian stuekerBzv0∂kit edu


Research Group (RG) 3-01 "Multilingual Speech Recognition" has been founded to support the International Center for Advanced Communication Technology (interACT) in the development of its simultaneous lecture translation system.

RG 3-01 targets all aspects of automatic speech recognition (ASR): pre-processing, acoustic modeling, language modeling, and search. Within all activities special attention is given to their applicability to a simultaneous or offline translation system for lectures and talks.



RG 3-01 successful in evaluation

The research group was evaluated as "very successful" by the KIT presidency, which followed the proposal of the Council for Research and Promotion of Young Scientists (CRYS). 

Presentation on Simultaneous Lecture Translation

Within the lecture and workshop series "Frankreich zu Gast am KIT" (France as Guest at KIT) Sebastian Stüker will give a talk on simultaneous lecture translation.

Where and When: March 21st, 2013, Room 148, Bld. 50.20